OPERA™ Voice/Audio Quality Analyzer -
The Objective Perceptual Signal Quality Analyzer setting the Standards.

APPLICATIONS OPERA™ Analyzers and Software tools are used by our R&D customers in the lab for speech codec and circuit design and product development; by manufacturers for production testing; by operators in the lab to evaluate new network components, and in the field for QoS surveillance and trouble shooting.

> Use OPERA to...
evaluate the perceived voice quality of new components,
understand the causes for noise, drop outs, distortions, echoes and artefacts of complex non-linear systems,
optimize parameter settings such as level, bit rate, compression type, filtering, jitter buffering, error concealment etc.
assess the perceived end-to-end quality of systems and networks in the planning stage and during development,
benchmark the quality of deployed networks carrying voice and music signals,
objectively characterize your network QoS compared to others and leased lines (SLA monitoring),

monitor the quality of deployed networks during operation, both interactively and automated (QoS surveillance)

OPERA is Your Digital Ear - making quality a controllable element in YOUR network!

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