OPERA Demosoftware

> Free Evaluation A restricted OPERA software suite V3.5 is available for evaluation. It can be used for PESQ, PSQM and PEAQ measurements. It allows 100 tests (total) and is protected by a hardware key. The evaluation period is limited to 30 days.

> Common Specifications

OPERA software suite v3.5, restricted functionality (wav) file-based only, no real time/on line streaming, basic framework system, incl.:
- installation guide
- OPERA User's Manual
> System Requirements

hardware requirements for OPERA software suite V3.5 are
- Pentium III PC, 500MHz or above
- min. 128MB RAM, 256MB recommended
- Open GL capable graphics adapter, min. 8MB required, nVIDIA RIVA, TNT2 or similar
> terms and conditions (excerpt)
OPTICOM remains owner of the software and all related material. All licensed use of the software, also during the evaluation, is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the OPERA software license agreement
No measurement results achieved with the evaluation version of the software may be published or used in a commercial context, such as offering services, consulting etc.
The software and all related material must not be handed over to anybody else.
No part of the product may be copied, altered, or re-engineered.
The evaluation period ends after 30 days.
Within 30 days, the user will either order the full product, or upon expiration of the evaluation period, automatically return  the software and all related material to OPTICOM, or one of its authorized sales partners.

> Order Information You can order your OPERA evaluation software with the order code OPR-350-SWS-S directly at OPTICOM -> [Contact Form].
The software will be sent to you by your local sales office.

OPERA is Your Digital Ear - making quality a controllable element in YOUR network!