OPERA™ Control Center: Easy Scheduling and Remote Control Functionality

Top-level usage for operators plus many details for the developer
For developers and manufacturers of telecom equipment, OPERA offers an easy-to-use, guided interactive graphical user interface, including a choice of graphical displays, such as zoomable time domain signals, FFT spectra, psychoacoustic error surface and audible distortion measurement. In the automated mode, OPERA systems can also be controlled over IP, as well as from a central point, using OPERA's Control Center software. With this powerful top-level control, network wide OPERA installations can run thousands of automated, pre-scheduled test calls per day, for instance as part of a quality-of-service monitoring for a network operator.

> Control Center Screen Shot
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> Control Center Functionality

User friendly graphical interface for setting up a schedule of test calls between OPERA™ systems

Automated remote control of a single or various OPERA™ systems via IP connection

More than 3.000 measurements per day, more than 20.000 BHCA (call attempts per hour)

Automatic synchronisation and allocation of the resources

Commands may be automatically repeated and rescheduled after a certain time (e.g. every Monday)

Applicable to telecom and wide band audio applications

All result values as in the voice and audio quality measurement functionality are available (except for graphical diagrams), like PESQ, PSQM/IP, PSQM+, PEAQ, Echo scores etc.

PDD measurements (Post dial delay)

Total call duration measurements

Termination cause indicator

All measurement results available at a glance

Result view filtering by connections and/or QoS results (e.g. only connections with poor listening quality are shown)

Measurement results may be exported to any spread sheet, data base program or network management system for further analysis

> Control Center Versions and License Model
now included!

New: Control Center 'light' version now included with every OPERA hardware system, allows for automated use of the system, but no remote access;


OPERA™ Control Center, 3-User license


OPERA™ Control Center, additional User license from 4 up to 10 users per each additional system (others on request)

> Downloads
-> Download OPERA™ Control Center – Technical Specifications [as PDF / 750 kb]
-> Download OPERA data sheet [as PDF / 1,6 MB]
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